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Foxbox creates beautiful React Native apps. Built in half the time, without sacrificing quality.

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React Native App Development Service


We create seamless user experiences for our apps through our customer development and identity exploration process.


We are React Native experts and we build high-quality, fast, responsive apps with our agile development process.


Apps from just $30k.


Built for both iOS and Android in and delivered in just weeks.



Speakeasy is the insider's guide to your city.

Speakeasy engaged Foxbox to build their iOS app to scale to tens of millions of users.


Make a killer impression on whoever you're meeting

Charlie needed an iOS app for their 100k users while they're meeting on the go.


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Reach out and we’ll come up with a strategy to build it together.

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We are React Native experts.

Foxbox is a React Native development company and we build beautiful apps for business. We use a refined agile process that allows us to build apps in a rapid and predictable way.

Our team has years of experience developing React Native apps. Not all apps are created equal; we leverage our experience and use best practices to create polished, responsive apps that are a joy to use.

React Native allows us to develop apps for both iOS and Android at the same time. Unlike other cross-platform app development frameworks that feel like a mobile website, React Native apps are native apps and look and feel like native apps. What does this mean? When you interact with a React Native app, it's fast and responsive.

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