Managed App Support

Partner with Foxbox to maintain and support your app, for the life of your app.

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Managed App Support


Host your app’s API in our proprietary cloud infrastructure. We use future technologies like Docker and Elixir to deliver a lightning-fast and reliable experience to your users.


Our team proactively monitors your app, and responds when problems arise. You won’t have to do anything if it goes down, we’ll handle it.


Software isn’t perfect and we’ll fix any bugs at no extra fee. We also apply security fixes regularly to keep your users’ data safe.


When there’s a new version of iOS or Android, we’ll handle all of the upgrades required to support the new OS. You won’t have to do a thing.

Partner Support

Unlimited access to the Foxbox team for technical guidance and support.



Speakeasy is the insider's guide to your city.

Speakeasy engaged Foxbox to build their iOS app to scale to tens of millions of users.


Make a killer impression on whoever you're meeting

Charlie needed an iOS app for their 100k users while they're meeting on the go.


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